More Than Meets The Eye

I was going through my pictures and I came across this one. This was last year in Denmark. In this picture, all you see is a very beautiful smiling Inonge ☺️ and a very handsome looking dude behind her ..., but what you don't see is the heavy storm I was in. And on this particular day, I... Continue Reading →


“Free” Air Ticket. Denmark To Zambia

I was visiting Denmark in 2014 and while i was there, I wanted to change my visa to a resident visa because i wanted to be an aupair there. All was good and the immigration had already started the process when the person who was to be my host changed their mind. She canceled the... Continue Reading →

What’s On Your Vision Board?

Last night at SHINE, We were given a piece of paper and a bunch of magazines to cut images from, images that stood out to us. We were given 5min to create our own Vision Board. Well, below is what I could come up with in that little time. Here is what mine represents….; THE... Continue Reading →

​Would You Marry You?

This is a very interesting question, isn't it? Some time back, I found asking myself this same question; Inonge, would you marry you? My honest answer was a straight NO! Here is why... I was clingy, too emotional, bad past experiences that I hadn't dealt with, desperate, scared to be alone, I didn't love myself... Continue Reading →


I enjoyed SHINE last night. (I will tell you about SHINE soon). The session was about Personal Boundaries, this actually made me reflect on my personal life. 2 and a half years ago, I was engaged to a very handsome, tall, blue eyes danish guy. A guy that most girls would only dream of. I... Continue Reading →

In Awe Of His Goodness

This is so unbelievable and am in awe of what God is doing in my life. Listen to the following testimonies. About two weeks ago, I  invited a few friends for dinner. I didnt  have enough money to buy food for 8 people but I badly wanted to hang out with my friends and cook... Continue Reading →

Embracing Your Season

Life is in stages and in seasons, the sooner we realize it, the better and happier we will be. If we realize this truth, then we will stop comparing ourselves to the girl/man next door. Listen to the following conversation that I had with a friend a while ago.. Me: You know what, sometimes I... Continue Reading →

He Hears and Answers Us

"Lord, I need a bike and I have no money to buy any. I live about 35min walk away from college and a bike will be of so much help. You said that if I come to you and ask in your name, it will be granted. In your name Jesus, I ask and I... Continue Reading →

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