Over the easter weekend, I had a casual job and the first day I reported for work, my “boss” who is an atheist mocked me, mocked Jesus, He was so cruel towards me that I shed a tear at some point. At the end of the day, I stood up for myself and told him not to treat me as though I was stupid, I had had it and I didn’t care if I was going to lose the job or not.

I went home and I told God that I was done and that I wasn’t going back there anymore. His answer was,”Inonge, you chose to follow me and carry the cross. You will face such and worse more in the world for my sake but don’t worry, I am with you always and I will give you the strength to endure. That man is my creation and I love him, you have to love my people, I died for him too. He doesn’t know me or believe that I love him, so go back there and represent me. Remember, I went through all that too.”

The next day I went there and from the bottom of my heart, I decided to show him love and chose to be unoffended by his comments. To my surprise, he was so nice to me that day, he did call me, “Mary mother of Jesus lol, and he passed on comments walking on water because of my shoes..” but I wasn’t offended, he also found a Christian song and played it in the store for me. At the end of the day, he was so happy that he requested that I bring two more people from my college. 

My friends went there, did the work and I later got the following text from my “boss’ wife; 

“Good Morning Inonge. Just finished packing. Your friends are as wonderful as you are.  You can feel really  blessed to have them in your life. Thanks again for your great effort. Take care until we meet again. Xa”

*Glory be to God!!

*If you want to follow Christ and be His disciple, then you have to grow a thick skin and choose to be unoffendable. Jesus was called names, spit on, insulted etc and since you represent Him on the earth, people will do the same to you too. It is not actually you they are mocking but Jesus. If you don’t grow a thick skin and chose to not be offended, you will not last on this journey because the enemy will throw darts at you from all directions


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