He Hears and Answers Us

“Lord, I need a bike and I have no money to buy any. I live about 35min walk away from college and a bike will be of so much help. You said that if I come to you and ask in your name, it will be granted. In your name Jesus, I ask and I pray amen!”

*This was my prayer about 3 months ago. I asked and I believed in my heart that He will give it to me. I didn’t know how or when but I knew in my heart without a doubt that my bike was on its way. About two weeks ago, someone dumps some things besides the road just outside our house.., and there was a purple bike, almost new but the tires were flat. The lady who threw these things saw me looking at the bike, I wasn’t sure if it was thrown away or not because it looked new.., she came by and said; “the bike is ok, it just has flat tires.” That’s the bike in this picture and behind is a heap of trash where I found it. I took it inside our garage and thanked God for the answered prayer.

This is NOT about the bike, it is about #faith in#God and in His #Word 🙂

*Jesus said that if we can have as little faith as a mustard seed, we will be able to move mountains and nothing will be impossible with us (Matthew 17:20).

*Faith comes not only by hearing the Word of God but also by believing what you hear and applying it into your life.

*It also doesn’t matter how small your faith is because faith can be increased and grown. It can also increase if you start acting on the Word you hear. God tells me that, He is a good father and He gives good things to His children when they ask Him (Matthew 7:11), so I will take Him on his word.., I will ask and I will activate my faith by believing that He has answered me.

*I have been a “doubting Thomas” for a long time, even if I have been walking with Jesus for a few years and seen Him work miracles in my life. I made a decision to believe in His word and start acting on it this year. And His Word works! The more I see results the more my faith increases.

*My friend, God is faithful, don’t give up on Him, trust in His promises and start acting on His word. He will see you through, He is just waiting for you to put a little bit more trust in His word. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you on this journey of faith if you wish.

* #Yes and #Amen are His #Promises

😊I love to share things with you to encourage you and show you that there is hope

*Love you all 💜💜


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