Embracing Your Season

Life is in stages and in seasons, the sooner we realize it, the better and happier we will be. If we realize this truth, then we will stop comparing ourselves to the girl/man next door. Listen to the following conversation that I had with a friend a while ago..

Me: You know what, sometimes I feel like I missed out on life, I used to think that I would be where you are at this stage in my life. I mean, look at you, a beautiful house, handsome husband, beautiful kids, a house, a car, a career. You have everything a woman can dream of. I really admire you.

Friend: Oh Inonge, to be honest with you.., I admire you and I envy your life. I wish I had married late, there is so much that I have missed in life. Look at you, you have been to different countries, traveled the world. I look at you and I wish I was in your shoes. I would do so much and accomplish so much as a single and free spirited woman. Now, I have responsibilities and I can’t travel anywhere or make any serious personal decisions without thinking of my kids and my husband.

This conversation made me think about my life in a positive way and I decided to embrace the season that I am in at the moment. Yes, I am single, yes, I have no kids, yes I do want to get married, have a home, kids etc.., but I am in a “singleness season” at the moment. The question is, what am I going to do with myself in this season? Well, right now, I am pursuing God and His calling upon my life. I am giving Him the best of me, so that He can use me in bringing hope and love to His people. I am gonna learn about myself, discover myself, travel the world and share the Good News with people. I will laugh as much, love as much, live as much and I will not miss this season that I am in. I also pray for my next season that God is taking me in…..(Pray for my future husband, kids, ministry etc).

So, what season are you in now? And what are the things that you enjoy doing in this season of your life? Share some thoughts by commenting and let’s learn from each other on how to make the best of our lives in the season that we are in.


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