In Awe Of His Goodness

This is so unbelievable and am in awe of what God is doing in my life. Listen to the following testimonies.

About two weeks ago, I  invited a few friends for dinner. I didnt  have enough money to buy food for 8 people but I badly wanted to hang out with my friends and cook them Zambian food. A day before the dinner date, I came across a small bag on the street that was thrown away and some clothes, it was at the same  place I picked up a bicycle (the story of the bike can be found on here). Anyway, Australians put things they don’t need anymore beside the road to be picked up by the council or anyone who might need them. Sometimes you can find really good stuff,  I collect clothes to give to people  who dont have, I pick good ones, wash them and pack them. And that is what I did on this day. The little bag was among the clothes that I had picked up. I went home to sort the things out, there was a  $22 in the bag and it was  enough to buy the rest of the food I needed for my dinner. We had more than enough food on that night that i lived on the left overs for the next 3 days.

I cleaned up the clothes that I had picked up a day after the dinner and on the very day someone gave me a huge bag of clothes that she didnt wear anymore and some of it was new and had tags on them.

Within the same week, a friend from Denmark sends me a message to say that God wants her to bless me. She sends me a $300 and a few days later, she gets an email from the Danish government saying that they forgot to pay her the tax returns for one of her sons for the past two years and that they will pay her now.

Also being a student in a foriegn country is hard and you have to be a hard core to survive. A few weeks ago, i started cleaning this lady’s house at $25 and hour, the first day i went there, she paid me $30/h saying that i did a good job.., yep! Second day i went there, she gave me $35/h and said, “you deserve more, you did a good job.” As if that wasnt enough, she removes a $100 note and said, “you can have it all, i have no change.” i worked for 2hrs only. Then the next week, she introduces me to her neighbour who happens to be her mother-in-law and all she needs is dust her apaprtment for 30min and she gives me $25 for the 30min.

In college, there is this beautiful princess who brings lunch everyday for me and a few other students. Whden I asked her why she cooks for us, her answer was; “God told me so,” and she said God gave her the following scripture when she asked Him why.

The king will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ – Matthew 25:40

How amazing is God? It is true that there is more blessings in giving than recieving. I collect clothes for people in refuge camps etc, and God gave me more clothes for my own. I wanted so bad to make dinner for my friends and God provided for me. My bank account was almost empty and God spoke to my friend’s heart to bless me and to the woman I clean for.

God looks at your heart when it comes to being generous. You may not have money but you may have time for some. 


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