Lesson From My Empty Lotion Bottles

As I was about to put some lotion on this morning, I noticed that I had some empty body lotion and perfume bottles on my dressing table. I asked myself why I have empty bottles and I was amazed by my own answers… (Am going somewhere with this, just stay with me because most of you will relate.

You see, I have always kept nice looking empty lotion bottles. I never throw away a nice looking bottle when the lotion finishes. But this morning, God asked me why I keep them, well, it’s because they look nice and some of them are a perfect size for when I am travelling. In that moment, He turned my thoughts and my heart to a lot of things. I realised that I like to hold on to things that are, “EMPTY.” Things that I don’t need or will ever need just because they seem “NICE”.

Let’s dig deep;
I have photos of my ex and of my life when I was still in “Egypt” on Facebook (in a locked album), I don’t want the public to see them, but from time to time, I go back to have a look at them. I like to see how my life was then and I start to think of, “What ifs or the would have been.” Those thoughts leave me empty and sad. God hates it when I do that.

The problem with my empty bottles is that I don’t have space for anything new on my table, even if I buy a new bottle of lotion, I squeeze it on the old ones and as a result, there is a mess! When I got home, I got rid of the empty bottles and my table looks so beautiful and I now have space for new things. I actually feel so happy.

There is so much junk in ourselves that we like to hold on to, we might think it’s because it looks good but it doesn’t, all it does is create a mess. I am talking about grudges we keep, holding on to yesterday’s pain, rejections, anger etc. Holding on to a grudge won’t do you any good but it will destroy you. Learn to let go.

When I was in Denmark, my first host mum was rich and had lots of money, she was 44 years old but she was holding on to clothes that she used to wear when she was like in her early 20s and when she was like 19 years old. She had lots of clothes, clothes that she had been collecting over the years. Every Time she would wear something from her youth, she would tell me how old the clothes were and how her life was then. I could see how miserable she was with her current life, even if she had moved on physically, she had all the money to buy new and expensive things, she was adding them to her old collection. Her whole wardrobe was a mess so was her life emotionally. She was still living in her 20s and she didn’t know it.
I was the same with clothes too, however, my second host mum told me that holding on to old clothes is a “poverty mentality.”. I learnt to let go of my old clothes. If I haven’t won anything in a year and I still have it, I give it away.

Let go of the old to make room for the new. In Isaiah 43: 18-19 the Bible says;

“18. Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. 19. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

What are the things that you are holding on to? What is it that God wants you to let go but you just can’t? It could be a pain from the past, a relationship, a loss etc .

I admit, there are things that are hard to let go, but that’s when we let God in, so that He could help us with whatever we need to let go. For me, It was just empty bottles that I was holding on to.., so I thought, but it was deeper than that. I didn’t realise that I have been holding on to a lot of junk till He showed me.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the mess when we are living in it, but God is able to show us just like He did for me today. He wants to add new things in your life but He won’t do so if your hands are full of junk.

I pray that you start to look inside of yourself today and see what You have been holding on to. I pray that God will show you which things that need to be trashed out, be it physically, spiritually or emotionally. May God’s peace be with you 🙂

#LetGo and #LetGod


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