​Would You Marry You?

This is a very interesting question, isn’t it?
Some time back, I found asking myself this same question; Inonge, would you marry you? My honest answer was a straight NO! Here is why…

I was clingy, too emotional, bad past experiences that I hadn’t dealt with, desperate, scared to be alone, I didn’t love myself enough, wanting to get married for all the wrong reasons, low self-esteem, financial insecurities etc

I then made a sound decision to stay single for while and try to get to know me. It was the hardest and yet one of the best decisions I ever made. I got God involved on this journey because I wasn’t strong enough to do this on my own. I went on a few dates early last year and because God was involved on this journey, He would whisper to me and say, “Inonge, not just yet.” 

I then decided to date myself, (strange but awesome!). I wanted to get to know me, spend time with myself, take myself for coffee on Sundays after church, hang out with girlfriends whenever I could. I went for walks, I did a lot of things on my own. I discovered God’s call for my life, I made a complete turn-around for my life, followed His path and He has been leading me all the way. He taught me how to be financially independent, how to be happy on my own. I have travelled. He helped me deal with lots of trash from my past. God picked up all my broken pieces and put them together.., God made me whole and it is awesome!

*The point is, if I am a mess and can’t really stand myself, there is no way another person I have just come to know in my adulthood would be able to stand me. 

So, would you marry you? Answer in your heart, if you would then I pray that you find a partner who would be in a place where you are. If your answer is a NO, then I would encourage you to start dating yourself and ask God to help you in the areas of your life that need to be worked on before He brings you, the “ONE”.

*I always encourage single people to be praying for their future partners even if they haven’t met them yet 🙂 .

Stay #Blessed friends.


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