“Free” Air Ticket. Denmark To Zambia

I was visiting Denmark in 2014 and while i was there, I wanted to change my visa to a resident visa because i wanted to be an aupair there. All was good and the immigration had already started the process when the person who was to be my host changed their mind. She canceled the contract and for that reason, I was given a notice by the immigration to leave the country in 3 days.

During my visa process, I was told not to leave the country. I had bought a return ticket but what i didn’t know was the ticket had expired about a month ago and I needed to buy a new one. I went to the airport and straight to the airline desk i was flying with. According to this airline policy, if i changed the date of travel, I would pay a $120 and that was what I had. But the lady at the front desk told me that they didn’t have my details in their system and that she was “sorry” but i needed to buy a new ticket. I was confused and i explained my situation to her and that I had 3days to leave the country or else i risk being deported. She didn’t hear it. The new ticket would cost me about US$1,000 and I had $120 on me.

I stepped aside to think of what to do next. I was busy asking God for help in my heart. A few moments later? the lady left her desk and a man came on, there were no people lining up. I was busy thinking of what to do when the man said, “excuse me, do you need help,” I went to him and told him my ticket situation and that the previous person couldn’t find my details which was strange because I had a return ticket (at this point, I was convinced that my ticket was still valid). As the man was about to check my details, the computer crashed and everything the lady had opened disappeared! after like a minute, the computer was back on and he said, “I can’t find your details, everything is gone. Give me your details and I will issue you a new ticket and just pay whatever you needed to pay.” I gave him my $120 and the moment he gave me the ticket, the lady came back to her desk and the man left.

I went home, checked my old ticket, and discovered that the lady was right. My ticket was expired and it also stated that after the expiry date, I wasn’t allowed to use it.

2 days later I went home and I applied for another visa and went back to Denmark to be an aupair.

I still have copies of both tickets with me. They are my evidence of this testimony 🙏

If you ask me today, I would tell you that the man who gave me the air ticket was an angel sent by God to rescue me!

*”I will praise you to all my brothers; I will stand up before the congregation and testify of the wonderful things you have done.” Psalms 22:22


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