Over the easter weekend, I had a casual job and the first day I reported for work, my "boss" who is an atheist mocked me, mocked Jesus, He was so cruel towards me that I shed a tear at some point. At the end of the day, I stood up for myself and told him... Continue Reading →


He Defiled Our Bed, Left Me With Two Children And A Broken Rib. This Is Ruth’s Story and Her Advice To Women.

Well, they say that everybody has a story. That's true and other stories leave you with a pinch in your spirit, like Ruth's story. I have heard so many stories of abuse in relationships and how many women tend to choose to have a blind eye in the situation. A few would speak up and... Continue Reading →

Rita Elmounayer; A Rare Gem In The Middle East

I met Rita at the 2015 Forvandling (Transformation) women conference in Copenhagen two weekends ago with a theme title; Imperfectly Perfect. It was an amazing conference with great speakers Like Jen DeWeerdt, Merete Tangstad, Mildred Osias, Karin Kuhl, Abs Niblock, Marianne Riis and Jørn Hyldgaard. And a special guest who entertained us with some music;... Continue Reading →

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